Islam Burkina Faso is an open-access digital database containing archival materials, newspaper articles, Islamic publications and photographs related to Islam in Burkina Faso. Optical character recognition (OCR) was applied on every scanned document for full-text indexing along with an extensive use of metadata for simple and advanced searching across all items. The database, now containing more than 2,500 items, will have about 3,000 in the future. The site also offers more than 200 bibliographical references on Islam in Burkina Faso.

This resource provides a tool to overcome the difficulties often encountered in collecting primary sources in archival centers in West Africa. The database could be of particular interest for researchers interested in Islam in Burkina Faso as a teaching resource, a starting point for research, or to keep up with new publications.

The project has been led by Frédérick Madore.

La base de données est aussi disponible en français.